About DFC

“Unlimited Freight Management”, is the basic element of our services.

To compete in the today’s economy, logistics managers must pick their service partners carefully, linking new-fashioned expectations with existing know how.

That’s why our most respected clients recognize DFC as their “Ultimate Freight Managers” to execute their most demanding air, ocean and ground logistics and transporation operations.

DFC offers you worldwide support and logistical coverage. An experienced and inventive team looks for the most suitable, effective, efficient and secure solutions. Integrated in our service package is our personal attention and guidance in the operational process.

DFC is a licensed IATA Cargo agent, is approved Cargo Agent by the Dutch Royal Police for Security Awareness. DFC is also holds a customs brokerage license.

We welcome the opportunity to include you in the DFC family. We encourage your questions and will rely on your input to ensure we meet our objective to provide the best possible solutions to our customers. Our goal is to continue to grow our company while improving customer satisfaction, our services and operational infrastructure.

The DFC of today remains true to the entrepreneurial spirit our principals relied upon to start our company. This spirit is evident in our dynamic national- and global expansion.